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ePropulsion E-Series Battery Charger

ePropulsion E-Series Battery Charger

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EPropulsion E Battery Charger

EPropulsion E Battery Charger - Highly efficient 48V Lithium Battery charger for E40, E80, and E175 E-Series Batteries designed for the Navy 3.0 and 6.0 Electric Outboard Motors. 

E Battery Charger 20A L - 110V 20 Amp US Style Wall Plug

  • Max output current (110V): appx. 20A
  • Max input current (110V): 12A
  • Parallel connection: max 8 units

E Battery Charger 30A H - 220/240V Euro Style Plug

  • Max output current (220V): 30A
  • Max input current (220V): 9A
  • Parallel connection: max 8 units

*NOTE* - 20 Amp Charger is for 110V US Standard Wall Outlet - 30 Amp is for 220+V Euro Style Plug that can be used with US 220V via a European Plug Adapter.


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